In all our activities we shall consider environmental impact through suppliers, productions/cooking, menu planning and logistics. We shall prevent pollution, conservation of energy and natural resources and the preservation, and enhancement of the environment wherever possible.

Our Environmental Commitments

We are committed to the ongoing operation of an environmental management system which has been developed to satisfy the requirements and be operated in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001:2015. As a business we are committed to complying with the associated requirements by not only implementing the standard but utilising the framework as valuable tool within the business.

As a minimum we shall:

- Assign adequate resources to maintain, and develop, the l management system

- Maintain controls to comply with relevant legal, statutory obligations and other compliance obligations

- Continually improve the effectiveness of our management systems typically through the setting of formal objectives & targets

- Follow the waste hierarchy (including emphasis placed on prevention of waste and re-use)

- Ensure environmental elements are considered in the selection of suppliers, equipment, which will be from sustainable sources wherever reasonably practicable taking into consideration client requirements

- Ensure independence within our auditing processes inclusive of formal assessments which shall be conducted via a UKAS approved assessment body 

- Ensure mechanisms are in place for internal communication/availability of this policy and supporting procedures

- Measure, monitor and review performance of the business through the collection and analysis of data



Bread & Honey strives to maximise its positive impact and to minimise any potential negative effects on society and the environment. 

Our management systems that control what we do and how we do it follow the standards set and the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. 

Our core values (the guiding principles we believe in) are as follows: 

- We put health and safety first in all our operations 

- We provide and promote a variety of well balanced food options to all our clients 

- We actively seek to minimise organic waste in our operations 

- We continue to set and adopt best practice standards to meet or surpass the required environmental legislation 

- We strive to maximise the efficient use of resources and minimise waste generation in all our operations and continually seek ways to improve our recycling activities 

- We purchase through local supplier networks wherever possible 

- We continue to develop procurement arrangements that encompass social, ethical and sustainable procurement to minimise environmental impact 

- We are proud of our employees and are committed to ensuring their physical and mental well being