B & H Faves: Weird & Wonderful Easter Eggs

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by Bread & Honey

It’s that time of year again where we await all the weird & wonderful Easter Egg creations. This year we have not been disappointed. From Marmite to chocolate filled real egg shells, cheap & cheerful to luxury picks, there’s something for everyone! Happy indulging, this Easter break.

The Weird

1. Marmite Easter Egg, from Asda for £3! As they say ‘Love it, hate it, just have to try it.’ If you’re a marmite fan, or if you’re not, get your hands on this for something a little different this Easter!

2. Butlers Cheesalicious Easter Egg, from Sainsbury’s for a fiver! If you like cheese, and you like Easter eggs, this one’s for you!

3. Avocado Easter Egg, from Waitrose for £8. The millennial’s love for avocados has gone next level with this one! For it’s second year on the shelves, it’s as popular as you would expect it to be.


The Wonderful

1. Rococo’s ‘Stroppy Teenager’ Easter Egg, £28. You don’t have to be a stroppy teenager to enjoy this egg, trust me. Milk chocolate filled with their praline quail’s eggs & salted caramel seagull eggs, what’s not to like.


2. Fortnum & Mason’s Praline Eggs, £25. These are not just any old praline eggs! They are real hen’s egg shells delicately painted duck-egg-blue, filled with chocolatey goodness.

3. Another Fortnum’s number (sorry!) Their Hand Painted Chicken Egg, £85. The luxe one of the lot. Beautifully painted, and one to savour!


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