Bread & Honey’s Fave Christmas Crackers 2018

Fave Christmas Crackers - bread & honey

by Bread & Honey

The coloured paper hats we all know and love can step aside for this one. Think Tiffany boxes, silk handkerchiefs, mini graters (!!!) & spirits, all packaged in the most luxe materials & designs.

Here are our fave Christmas Crackers of 2018. And they don’t all break the bank either!

1. The Conran Shop; £59. This is where you’ll find the mini grater & other delicatessen gifts (our personal fave!)

The Conran Shop Crackers

2. Harrods; £110. Comes with a hat, joke & gift such as a little silver coffee scoop or bottle stopper.

Harrods Crackers

3. Nancy & Betty; £49. London themed crackers, including gifts like a nutmeg grater & mini honey drizzler.

Nancy & Betty London themes crackers


4. Marks & Spencer; £25. A more affordable option yet still look beaut & filled with cute gifts!

Marks & Spencer crackers

5. Fortnum & Mason; £275. The ultimate luxe crackers, filled with mini Fortnum’s goodies!

Fortnum & Mason crackers



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