Creating bespoke pop-up bars for your event

bespoke pop-up bars - bread & honey

by Clemi Cruickshank

Clemi has been a major player at Bread & Honey for two years. Before joining us, she worked as a wedding manager at Bijou Weddings and as a marketing executive at Quintessentially.

Want to know a sure fire way of injecting plenty of fizz, bang, pop into your next event? Easy. Get the mixologists in.

When it comes to creating a buzz, a pop-up bespoke bar, styled to suit the theme of your event or venue, really is the way to go. I’m not knocking the more traditional Champagne-flutes-circulating-on-a-tray method of refreshing your guests, but there’s something pretty special about having your own in-house cocktail bar.

We work with some of the finest mixologists in the business, who bring a ton of flair to any event. Whether it’s creating Porn Star Martinis for a product launch (yes, really) or Vintage Champagne cocktails at a summer wedding, they have a sixth sense for what will work the room.

A great mixologist will be able to conjure up any cocktail your guests request. But will be equally at home creating something for the undecided amongst your number.

What’s more, a tailor-made pop-up bar offers so much more than liquid refreshment. The showmanship, styling and ambiance all contribute a unique buzz that can really keep your party going at full pelt.

Expert bar staff always keep a close eye on any event’s proceedings – and know when they need to pull something extra special out the bag. Take the classic Espresso Martini. Classy, cool and ever-so-naughty, they look the business and taste even better.

In fact, why not create your own? Give our Espresso Martini recipe a try

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