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by Clemi Cruickshank

Clemi has been a major player at Bread & Honey for two years. Before joining us, she worked as a wedding manager at Bijou Weddings and as a marketing executive at Quintessentially.

Fact. It doesn’t get any more glamorous than London Fashion Week. The couture, the shoes, the models, the A-listers, the designers, the music. Did I mention the shoes?

Yep, LFW is the hottest ticket in town. So you can imagine I was pretty chuffed when we were asked to supply backstage catering for one of the major shows of the week, for a British born and bred fashion house we particularly love and revere.

Working behind the scenes at a catwalk show is an experience like no other. A cacophony of beautiful people, jaw-dropping couture and dazzling artistry, there’s an indescribable buzz and excitement in the air.

It’s also probably the most fast-paced and hectic working environments you can get. To wheel out the old saying, it is the epitome of the serene swan gliding along the catwork while feet paddle furiously out of sight.

It’s high energy, high tension, high drama. There’s no room for error: everything needs to work like clockwork for the show to be perfect.

Catering for events is always a balancing act of incorporating everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. But never more so than in the world of fashion.

From health conscious models to hungry backstage crew, the key is to provide menu options that will appeal to everyone’s appetite and bring the whole team together.

Ingredients need to be ultra-fresh and in keeping with the hip surroundings of one of the world’s most important dates in the fashion calendar.

But perhaps the most essential part in our role as caterers comes with the ability to deliver beautiful food with the minimal of fuss.

However frantic and fast paced the backstage area is, it’s our job to provide a slick and efficient catering service. From turning up on time to dressing the tables, plating up and ensuring the food looks and tastes gorgeous – it’s our job to make it happen without any impact on the hectic surroundings.

It’s just our sort of a job and we loved every minute of it. Here’s to next season’s London Fashion Week.

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