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Padella - bread & honey

by Bread & Honey

WHAT IS IT: Modern bistro with a short list of housemade pasta dishes accompanied by wine & Italianate drinks.

WHERE IS IT: 6 Southwark St, London SE1 1TQ (AKA Borough Market)

WHAT WE ATE: Pretty much everything on the menu. There were 4 of us, no judging:


Radicchio, butter leaf & rocket salad

Wiltshire Burrata with San Rocco olive oil

Marinated spinach with chilli, garlic & anchovy

Cannon & Cannon Cornish seaweed salame


Gnocchi with sage & nutmeg butter

Taglarini with Chiarentana olive oil 2016 & parmesan (OFFICIAL DEATH ROW LAST DINNER)

Pics with marjoram, lemon & golden garlic

Ravioli of Wiltshire ricotta with raw peas & mint

Pappardelle with 8 hour dexter beef shin ragu

Tagliarini with nettles, parmesan & egg yolk

Pappardelle with pea & pork ragu

Tagliarini with Dorset crab, chilli & lemon


Chocolate tart


WHAT WE DRANK: Aperol Spritz | Negroni | Sangiovese 2014 by the bucket (it’s literally on tap)

WHAT HAPPENED: Senior staff were very Italian. Junior staff were away with the fairies. Having spilt candle wax on the seats next to us (them, not us) it took 5 guys to clean it up – bit of a vibe killer. That’s not to say the service was poor. But the real stars of the show were the pasta-making-duracell-bunny working chefs. Padella’s open plan kitchen theatrics were reminiscent of favourite old haunts like Barrafina and Bocca di Lupo; a formula that is beautifully transparent and inclusive. The dishes sang, some more than others – but eating pasta whilst watching the creative pasta process was a strangely mesmorising and blissed out cycle. Very hard to stop doing either!

WE SAY: Go with the flow, inhale greedily and worship this temple of carbs. It’s a simple formula and priced just right.

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