The Perks of ‘Employee Lunches’: Put your money where your mouths are

by Bread & Honey

Five hour long lunches at The Ivy are long gone for most, but lunch still holds exceptional value for businesses.

You can achieve some serious lunch ROI by putting just a bit of your dollar in your employees’ mouths:

  • Cost effective solution to lunch time
  • Reducing absenteeism in the workplace
  • Increased energy levels & productivity
  • Competitive HR tool for recruitment

It sounds counterintuitive, but spending money will actually help make more money. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘speculate to accumulate’.

Offering employees a free lunch rather than them taking an hour off work to forage on their own offers a solid ROI at as much as 150%. An average lunch costs about £10, and your well-compensated employees make much more than that per hour, so the numbers can really add up.  Delivered lunch can be a cost effective solution to lunch time.

Lunch is a uniquely social activity and free food is a great social lubricant. So, free lunch at work is one way to break up cliques and encourage chat that would never otherwise occur!

Employees love their perks, especially a free lunch. A company-sponsored lunch is a highly transparent and tangible benefit that your employees will recognize and appreciate own a daily basis. Free lunches can drive greater employee satisfaction, at a lower cost, than other more expensive benefits – like restaurant and coffee expenses. Also reducing the constant headache admin of reimbursing people constantly.

If you haven’t already heard the question – ‘what’s your lunch program?’ – you will. Especially in the tech industry, lunch is the benefit that sets you apart from other employers. Widely regarded as ideal places to work, Facebook, Twitter and Google are among many companies attracting top-notch talent with top-notch cuisine. We know, because we serve Facebook (and other tech giants!), everyday.

It’s not too late to update the menu. It’s an easy and affordable fix giving you a terrific ROI, serving up productivity, wellness, talent and cost-savings, all on a plate.

Tech giants, Facebook & Mozilla Firefox will tell you. We feed them everyday! Our menus change all the time so you’ll never get fatigue. We deliver delicious meals straight to your office – morning, noon & night.

Check out a sample menu and get in touch!


97m working days are lost each year due to poor eating habits

£600: average annual cost of sickness per employee

27% lower: absenteeism is 27% lower amongst employees who eat healthily and exercise regularly

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