November Recipe: Bramble Gin & Bramble Cocktail

Bramble Gin & Bramble Cocktail

by Bread & Honey

November 09th 2018

Our gin suppliers, Wood Brothers, make gin that is so delicious it doesn’t need much adding to it! But if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to put a little festive spring in your step, how about trying a DIY Bramble gin or mixing yourself one of our favourite cocktails to keep you warm through the Winter months!

Bramble Gin

Roughly 300g Brambles
250g caster sugar
Roughly 750ml Gin

Add the berries and caster sugar to your sterilised bottle or jar, big enough to hold the gin & berries. Pour in the gin & seal it, keeping the gin bottle so as you can use it for the infused gin later.

To make it a little more festive, try adding Cinnamon sticks or Clementine peel to your mix!

Give the mix a good shake, then store the jar in a cool dark place. Turn it every other day and give it a good shake once a week, to let it mellow and assist the sugar dissolving. This can be stored for any length of time, but make sure it’s at least 3-4 weeks (we recommend 8 – 10 weeks if you can wait that long!).

Once you are happy with the length of time it’s been infusing, strain the gin through a sieve with clean muslin, into the gin bottle you kept aside (or any other bottle!). Make sure you don’t press the fruit through the sieve.

Label your gin, and continue to store in a cool dark place and enjoy!

Bramble Cocktail

For 1 cocktail:

35ml gin (either your bramble gin or standard gin)
25ml lemon juice (more to taste if your brambles are sweeter!)
10ml Fair Goji liqueur (or any other berry/blackberry liqueur, like Creme du Mure)
10ml sugar syrup
A few fresh Brambles

If you are using a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients, except for the fresh berries & berry liqueur, into the cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until cold and pour into a glass with ice, the crushed fresh Brambles, then pour in 10mls of berry liqueur.
If you’re not using a cocktail shaker, crush the berries in a glass, add ice and pour in all other ingredients and give it a good stir.

Garnish with a fresh bramble and enjoy!

**please drink responsibly 🙂

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