Pancake Day Menu: Flipping good pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

by Mark Broadbent

February 05th 2020

Excitement for one of the best holidays of the year is really ‘stacking up’.  *Sorry not sorry*

So to celebrate we’ve stepped up to the plate and created the ultimate gastronomic pancake menu to inspire your Shrove Tuesday.

Guys, read it and (literally) weep.


The ‘Rarebit’

Aged Montgomery cheddar, confit green tomatoes

The Italian Job

Sweet & sour caponata, Caprini goat’s cheese, crisp guanciale


The Classic

Amalfi lemon juice, caster sugar

Cock Of The North

Yorkshire rhubarb ‘n’ custard cremé

The Dirty Bastard

Caramelised banana & sticky toffee

The King

Crunch peanut butter, jelly & maple cured bacon

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